Who will be our main photographer for our wedding

Andy will be the main photographer. Unless you purchase our Associate Photography Package then it will be a staff photographer from our studio.

       How many location do you cover?

It's all depend on the hour of purchase. For 5 hours, it's for ceremony & reception at 1 place. For 6 hours, we can do pre wedding if your wedding is at 1 location(That mean getting ready location, ceremony & reception is at a same place. For 7 hours, we can cover 2 locations.  For wedding have 3 location, we normally need around 9-10 hours.

       What is Andy's photography style?

Andy will capture who you are and what makes your relationship unique. His style consist of Photojournalist, Traditional & Modern & Fun & Storytelling. There is some posing instruction but mostly he lets things happen naturally. His key responsibility is to create photographs that make you smile whenever you look at them. Your job is to have the best day. Click here to read more about Andy's style.

      What are those really means? 

Again, please visit this page for more detail regarding Andy's photography style

       Do you offer any discounts?

We totally understand that weddings can be costly, unfortunately, we are not able to offer discounts or negotiate our rates, period. Service is base on skill & talent of the photographer.  These fees reflect the skill and the experience needed to deliver such artistic work.  When you choose Home For Brides, you can feel confident that the value of the photos you receive will far exceed the cost. Also, the confident and knowledge to know that your photographer will be present on your wedding day is priceless. We put a great amount of care and hard work into each wedding and refuse to receive less. For the amount of photos that the client receive, client often said that they got more then what other company offered them. 

  What does your package include?

Unlimited pictures taken at your wedding. Deliver in high resolution digital images. Each Image will be Edit for color enhancement & Bright/Darkness corrected / contrast. On an average, client can often expect around 100-130 images per hour of shoot. Include your copyright to print. It basically mean you can print anything you want, big or small print.

     How many photos will we receive?

The amount of photos client will receive depends on several factors. Client can usually expect around 100- 130 images per hour of wedding coverage. 

     What is unlimited photo mean? 

Andy's style of shooting can be described as storytelling approach. He likes to shoot as much as possible to tell his story. If you are looking for a photographer who deliver high quality & quantity photos then Andy is right for you.

     Do you edit the photos? 

Yes, Each Image will be Edit for color enhancement & Bright/Darkness corrected / contrast

     I mean, beside color corrected that you stated above, do you detail touch up photos to remove pimples, blemish, remove wrinkles, slimming ect ?

We would like our photo to be authentic and reflect who you really are. However, we understand that you may have specific request. So in addition to color corrected editing, our service will include up to 30 photos of detail editing. Special detail editing means: to make the photos look slimmer, may tuck in special area to reduce fat around shoulder, stomach, arm ect. Touch up unwanted blemishes on face. Beware that we can only do so much without making you a completely different person.  We normally select close up portrait photos for detail editing and we will choose without your discretion. You will also have the original color corrected just in case you didn't like the detail edit version. Upgrade is available if you need more than 30 photos. Click here to view sample  

      Does he capture guests & families members beside us and the wedding party? 

Yes, he does and love doing it. That Photojournalist. You will be able to remember who attended your wedding.

      Once I hired Andy, do I need to give him a shot list or what to take? 

He has been doing this for years and know exact what to take at your wedding in order to preserve the best memory for you. You don't need to give him a list of what to takes. That will only slow him down and have negative affect on his creativity by keep looking at the list and shoot. The only shot list he need is the family portrait shot list which we will get into more detail upon hired.

    On the wedding day, do you come and cover bride/groom getting ready? 

Our services are based on hourly services. Yes, we can provide getting ready coverage depending on the number hours that you book Andy for. Normally, for wedding need getting ready coverage in addition to ceremony & reception then you will need around 8 hours. For 5 hours booking, the coverage will be for Ceremony & Reception at 1 location. Ask for more detail.

    How do you deliver the final JPEG?

It will be deliver via dropbox.com . The files will be in high resolution.

    How long will it take to receive my wedding photos?

For the amount of photos we take, we will need all the time needed to make your photos look beautiful. It normally takes between 8-12 weeks after your wedding day to received your images. They are often done sooner but we cannot guarantee. Please be prepared to wait the maximum amount of time. For non wedding photos like city hall, engagament, family portrait ect they are generally 6 weeks. 

     Can we order extra print? 

Again, we deliver in High Resolution JPEG & copyright to print which means you can print yourself and save yourself money. Big or small, up to you. You don't need us to print for you.

    Do you offer special rate for intimate, weekday weddings? 

Yes, please click here for pricing on weekday wedding

    We like to book you, how do we reserve the wedding date permanently?

If the date is open, we will send over a custom contract for you via email to fill out and sign. We do require an 50 percent down to reserve your wedding date. The contract will include instruction & address to mail back the contract and the deposit.

   We emailed you and ask if you are open on "XXX date" for our wedding, You said yes, is this mean you will lock in the date for us?

With all due respect, take as much time as you need to determine who will be your best vendor.  But please keep in mind that our availability do change without notice to you. Our quote are for your pricing reference and not as a guarantee to reserve your date. We are not enter in contract & reserve your date unless we have received a deposit. 

  When do you permanently LOCK in our wedding date? 

We are available to service your event and there is a temporary hold for your wedding date already once we email you out the contract. However, we understand that client sometime change their mind. With all due respect, please take as much time as you need to review the contract and send over the deposit when you are able to.  But please keep in mind that we are not enter into contract unless we have received a deposit. When you are ready to mail out the contract, please notify us and we will confirm availability & permanently lock in the date at that time.

    Do you really need to meet Andy before booking?

Most of our client book him via online. He respond to email/ phone call quickly. We can also schedule phone or skype conference.

    Do we charge tax? 

The price we quoted you is final.

    When is final payment due?

There is a breakdown payment plan for the remainding 50 percent depending if you have engagement session or not. The remaining balance is due on the day of the wedding. 

   We don't know if we need more hours or engagement session, can we just reserve the date first with a minimum hours needed and go from there? 

Yes, you can book first and then we can figure out later. 

     I only need 2 hours of photography service for my wedding on a weekend, can you do this? 

We require a minimum of 5 hours for wedding on Fri, Sat & Sun. 

     What forms of payment do you accept? 

We currently accept cash, check. We often can take debit card payments through Venmo. Credit cards may be used through Paypal, however we do charge a 3% fee.

     Are you available for destination weddings?

We love destination weddings! We will travel just about anywhere you’d like to get married. We do charge for flight/hotel/transporation and require to be there 1 day before the wedding day to avoid being late. Ask for detail.

     Have you ever shoot at our venue? 

There are many venues in the general bay area therefore; it would probably take a lifetime in order to have experienced them all.  What we do when we encounter the venue that we haven't shot ? We will study the photos that was taken by other photographers by using Google & also view the site on youtube. In addition, on the day of the wedding, we will get there early to scout & examine.

     What if we’d like to keep our images private?

We love to share our photos so that new clients can see our work but we understand and respect your right to privacy. If you would like not for us to post your images, please let us know and we can discuss alternative.

    What should we wear to our portrait/engagement session? 

Anything that you feel confident and comfortable in, and anything that suits the location that we are shooting in. We shoot who you are. 

    What type of equipment does Andy use?

If you like his images then please trust him to use what best to shoot your wedding. If you must know the technical stuff, please visit this page.

    How do our studio protect your images?

We save multiple copy and put them in fireproof safe & and store them in separate location. We also use special equipment to save the photos on the day of the shoot.

     We want to book for videography service, would that be Andy? 

We have staff for videography service. If you are happy with our video sample, then trust that we will provide staff to do just that.

     Can we hire videography from you but photography from another vendor?

Yes, you may. We are easy and work with everyone. However, we strongly recommend getting photo & video from the same place if possible as the team know each other.

     Do you have reference?

Our past client will be our reference, please click here