About Andy style


Our style of photography is a combination of Wedding photojournalists & traditional & Comtemporary & fun. Beside incorporate those styles together, we also like our photos to be sharp, sharp, sharp with bright faces, clean background. We like to Blend in poses & candid . Our color are vibrant with a mix of vintage & black white.

What are those terms mean?

Photojournalist - ( also known as Documentary , candid photographer ) . 

Most wedding photojournalists value shooting techniques that minimize posing and scene manipulation. Their goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible while capturing the reality of the event with little interference. They focus on finding moments during a wedding that happen naturally, rather than setting up portraits

So most photojournalist photographer don't give Feedback on how to stand or how to create the classic wedding pictures; therefore they don't direct your wedding and tell your bridal party how to stand and poses. Just take the photo as it's . That what they are there to do, documenting.  They photograph lots of candid images of your guests & less concentrate on couple portrait & bridal party portrait & family portrait.  Their photo equipment is not as extensive as a traditional photographer. Wedding photojournalists commonly use an on-camera flash & or natural light or take the portraits outside instead of using elaborate lighting set-ups for these portraits because they need to be quick and on the go.

So if you are a bride who doesn't want a photographer to tell you what to do on poses, how to stand, group your family together for a family portrait , you don't care too much about solo bride portrait & also importantly want to spent more time with the guest without being occupy during cocktail hours to do the portrait mentioned above then Just Photojournalist style is right for you.

Traditional wedding photographer -( Also Known as Classic, Poses photographer )

The photographer is the director of your wedding. Traditional photographers concentrate most of their efforts into poses portraits and less concentrated on capture candid moments. The photographer will concentrate more on Solo Bride portrait & couple portrait & Bridal party entourage group portrait & family portrait & groom Portrait. Each shot will be choreograph to make it the best so more time  is needed to setup every shot. The photographer also make sure there is no people in the background so the photo can look more private & intimate. 

The quality of the photograph is heavily emphasize including sharpness, lighting, correct skin tones, and the use of the background . The photo you get are similiar like the photos you see at Vogue magazine.  If you like glamour wedding shots then you will like a traditional photographer.

Traditional photographer will use more equipments & studio lighting instead of relying on natural light. Traditional photographer will change their equipment & lense more often then the photojournalistic photographer. The reason is each lense is use specificly for each scene or poses. A zoom lense 24 mm - 70 mm will deliver a different images then a 135 mm lense. Also, a Prime 24 mm will deliver a different images then a zoom lense 24 mm - 70 mm .  There are lenses to concentrate more on portrait, lense for your rings, lense for your wedding accessories, lense for candid shot , and wide lense for location shot . There is also 1 lense that can do all of them. So why bother to spent thousands more on different lense if you have 1 lense that can do everything. One reason is that if you can have the lense focus on to do just 1 thing then it tend to do a better job and it's . Otherwise , canon & Nikon or any other vendors wouldn't be able to sell everything else if everyone is buying just 1 lense that can do everything.

Contemporary wedding photographer

is more than taking informal photographs and involves the use of compositions, lighting, and timing to capture photographs that have a strong visual appeal . Contemporary may include an element of photojournalism but is not exclusively that style of photography. The photographer make the informal , candid shot to look more artistic and contemporary.



It is common for bride to want a piece of all the 3 styles.  It’s a good time for portraits because everyone is looking their best, and on the other hand the wedding couple just want to remember their wedding day the way it really happened .

That is the reason why our photography style is a blend combination of all of them. This is why our photographer must carry at least 2 to 3 cameras on them at all time. With the equipment ready,  we are ready to capture candid at the same time provide glamour wedding photos when needed. We are able to eliminate time loss for switching gear. Our photography style including candid, at the same time provide you direction on how to stand , make sure your dress is straight, choreograph your accessories shot at the same time be able to tell the story of your day using photojournalist approach . We try to our to be less intrusive while you are trying to have the best day of your life.

We do listen & and respect your needs as you are a client. So if you just want us to focus on one style then simply can let us know. We will cater that style to your needs.