About Andy Sandy



Hello, I'm Andy. I'm in my early forty and happily married to Sandy, hence the name Andy Sandy. I'm a blessed father of our beautiful little girl, Kianna. She is 4 years old.  

I’m a Photographer & Cinematographer and Sandy is a MUA. We are both a Bachelor of Science graduate from California State University’s system but found our self pursuing career that is totally different than what we were educated on.

I loved photography since I was child but didn't have the opportunity to studied photography until 1995 as a senior in high school. Back then it was film and I still kept the first picture that I shot and developed in the school's dark room. I went on to be a part time wedding photographer while attending California State University, Fresno. While I had explored many different professions after graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree focus in Human Resourse Manager but I went back full time to my original passion, photography at the very beginning of the recession in 2007.

Over the years, My company has grown from a one man company to a group of professionals Photographers, Cinematographers, Full time in-house Editing specialist and a Web designer to showcase our work.

I'm bless to be able to do what I love full time. My style is photojournalists & traditional & Comtemporary & fun. My skill, service, quick responsive & passion & dedication sell itself so my client never have to worry about me pressuring into a contract. If we are right for each other then it's meant to be.

Thank you for taking a time to read this.