Welcome to Home For Brides Wedding Videography. Whether your wedding need is just one or multiple wedding professional, we can accommodate your needs. Our wedding videography team consists multiple energentic professionals who will provide Cinematic Highlights & Detail of your wedding using DSLR to generate cinematic look.  Booking Photography & Videography in one place has it advantage. One of the top reason is that we know each other move & style & and more importantly where to stand to best work with each other. It's also easier for the client since they can book both photography & Videography service in one place.

We have 3 Available Videography Packages for you to choose From starting from.

1) Cinematic wedding Film
2) Storytelling documentary film
3) Documentary wedding film

Cinematic Wedding Film $3300

  • Cinematic style of filming
  • Include 3-5 Minutes Cinematic Highlight music video 
  • 2 Cinematographers
  • Multiple camera angles
  • 8 Hrs of coverage 
  • Filming at 2 locations.
  • Cover pre wedding & ceremony & reception. Pre wedding for groom if at the same place
  • 45-90 min edited Cinematic wedding Film  with multiple angles
  • Cinematic editing style
  • Online viewing & download & Deliver in MP4 format in1080 HD
  • Complimentary drone (depending on availability & location)


Storytelling documentary film $2600

  • Documentary Filming
  • 2 Videographers
  • 8 Hrs of coverage
  • Multiple camera angles
  • filming at 2 locations.
  • Cover ceremony & Reception & Include pre wedding if everything is at one place
  • Professional camera equipments
  • Include a 45-90 minutes edited Storytelling Wedding Film with multiple angles
  • Complimentary 3-5 Minutes Sneak peek trailer music video 
  • Online viewing & download & Deliver in MP4 format in1080 HD


Documentary wedding film $1700

  • Documentary filming
  • Include 1 videographer
  • Include 6 Hrs of coverage
  • Include coverage of ceremony and reception’s activities
  • Include a 45-90 minutes lite edit Documentary Wedding Film
  • Include online viewing & download & Deliver in MP4 format in1080 HD
  • Getting ready coverage is available.
  • Ask about our 3-5 Minutes Sneak peek trailer music video